Arsenal Contemporary Art Toronto.
August 1st to October 3 2015


Y2o navigates the troubled waters of shared existence.  Unfolding over 9 tableaux, it is an intimate portrait of two individuals’ colliding worlds and a metaphor for the realm between suffocation and exaltation, between alienation and unity.  Each chapter explores a love on the verge of drifting - a multimorphic partnership shifting states through the film’s fugue-like narrative.  Within Skoltz’s elastic space-time reality, the two individuals endure an emotional game of attraction: one’s actions meet with the other’s retractions until all that remains is an intimate void, the force of their attraction having broken their bond.

y2o finds its rhythm in the intimate yet treacherous territory where an individual decides how much of themselves to conceal or reveal.  Either strategy, the film suggests, can result in a disorienting loss or a sobering discovery of one’s self.